Top 5 PHP frameworks

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PHP is well known by the people for its best server sided scripting languages in the world. Nowadays it is very difficult to create any website but with the help of this PHP framework you can definitely create it easily and faster to design the website better.  PHP framework compiled the list for the advancement to utilize all the sizes with great developer and administration of the framework.

PHP is generally one of the best programming languages that have emerged as the most powerful website development platform. The PHP web frameworks usually have their own biological community in the website advancement.  Within its immense popularity it can be directly cited that nowadays more than 2.1 millions of website server has installed all across the worldwide, as well as over 244 millions of web applications and websites are running on the particular website.


Top 5 Front-End Frameworks for Development

What is the need of PHP Framework?

The solid reason for why we need to use PHP framework and why it is the easiest method is given below:

  • Utilities and libraries.
  • Sided languages.
  • Make speed development possible.
  • Makes you less worry about the low level security of the site.
  • Form validation.
  • Performance tool.
  • Less codes and faster development.
  • Suitable for teamwork.
  • Database abstraction.
  • Great support of community.
  • Proper code and file organisation.
  • Email, calendar and pagination.
  • Promote modern web development practises of object oriented programming tools.

Top 5 PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks can follow the MVC pattern that ensures the separation of presentation and logic which provides well organized, reusable and maintainable codes and many others. Follow the needs of PHP frameworks given below:

  1. CodeIgniter: This is one of the most lightweight frameworks of PHP that is very old around 10 years since by the time of released in 2006. Generally for the installation it has got the most simple and easiest straightforward process that is necessary for minimal configuration, so that it can automatically save you from hassle. You also have got the basic choices incase you want to ignore the PHP version of the conflicts. And most importantly it smoothly works on almost all the dedicated platforms that have currently shared.
  2. Zend framework: It is one of the most long lasting and stable frameworks of PHP that have launched with a lot of configuration options so it is basically not recommended for all the tiny projects but however it is excellent for those which are more complex. Zend has several partners such as Microsoft, Google, Adobe and IBM. Apart from this entire Zend framework 3 will be optimized for the PHP 7 very soon.

Phalcon: These particular frameworks were released in 2012 and to its surprise this frameworks have quickly obtain the popularity among all

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