What are major differences between C++ and Java

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C++ and Java both supports object-oriented programming language. This two programming language is now being widely used in developing many complicated software. Though both supports object-oriented language, still there is a huge difference between JAVA and C++.

Java is a pure object-oriented language, and C++ supports both Object Oriented language and Procedural language so C++ is often called as hybrid language. C++ is a core programming language which results for today’s complex system softwares. According to my experience C and C++ is the mother of all language. Every programmer first step to C and then C++ to build their programming ideas. Later they step to other advanced programming languages as JAVA, J2EE, ASP.NET, etc. Those who are looking to be a programmer must have excellent knowledge of Object oriented programming language as today all development is running on Object Oriented programming methodology.

Major differences between C++ and Java

Today in this article I am going to share the major differences between C++ and Java. These differences might help you to understand the basic of both languages why and where these two languages are used



C++ is a programming language that depends on Platform. Java is a programming language that is fully platform independent.
This programming language is mainly used for hardware systems. This programming language is used to develop complex website, Android App development.
In C++  program we can use go to statement In Java program, we can’t use go to statement.
IN C++ program we can use multiple inheritances. But in Java, we can’t use multiple inheritances but it can be achieved by interfaces.
It supports operator overloading. It doesn’t support operator overloading.
In C++ program we can write pointer program. Java doesn’t support pointer so we can able to write any pointer program.
C++ uses a compiler. Java uses both compiler and interpreter.
C++ was first developed by Bjarne Stroustrup. Java was developed by James Gosling.
C++ supports structures. Java doesn’t supports structure.
C++ doesn’t support thread. Java Support thread fully.
It supports Call by value and call by reference. It supports only  Call by value.
It doesn’t support conditional comment. Java supports conditional comment.
It supports union. It does not support union.
C++ runs as machine executable code. It runs on virtual environment.
It has no any inline documentation. Javadoc is for Java.
To declare an immutable variables in C++ language, we have to name that variables as const. Inspite of using const keyword, there is another keyword in java, and it is Final.
It doesn’t support >>> operator Java support right shift operator.
In Java objects is values. But in Java object are not values.

Above are the differences between C++ and JAVA. Both this two programming language are widely used, but today maximum development is in JAVA. Very few multinational companies use C++ as it is hardware interacting language but JAVA is used for website development, so widely used. For any type of Complex web development, JAVA is best. There are many web development programming language, but JAVA is on top and remains always top.

C, C++ is ideal for those who are new in programming field because it gives the basic fundamental ideas of procedural and objects-oriented programming language. Those who are excellent in C and C++ can learn any language very quickly and easily. Though there are some differences between C++ and JAVA, still you can learn them easily.

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